This 3-Year-Old Gymnast Is Flipping Awesome

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>> [APPLAUSE]. >> At just three years old, our next guest is a gymnastics prodigy who already has over 50,000 followers on Instagram. From El Paso, Texas, please welcome Emma and her mom, Annie. So, hi, Emma, you're three years old, right? >> Yep. >> And, when did you start doing gymnastics? >> When I was two and a half. >> When you were two and a half? So really, just six months ago, you started. Anyway. >> [LAUGH] >> How did she get started so early? >> She was incredibly clumsy and I was hoping that gymnastics would help with it. They said that she has a talent for it and they started moving her up and we've been going strong for a while now. >> Have you or your husband done gymnastics done gymnastics? >> No. >> No one in the family? >> No. >> Look at those muscles, you're very, very strong, aren't you? Very strong, and so who's your favorite gymnastic person? >> Who's your favorite gymnast? >> Gabby Douglas, and she won a gold medal at the Olympics. >> If I would've said gymnast, you would've known what I was saying, instead of gymnastic person. I messed it up. >> [LAUGH] >> Gabby is amazing, she's been on the show before, she's really incredible, isn't she? Why do you like her so much? >> Cuz, I like her leotard and she won a gold medal at the Olympics. >> She did win a gold medal. Yeah, that's really impressive. What is your favorite thing to do in gymnastics? >> Bars and my backbends and my back handsprings. >> Back handsprings? Wow. >> Yeah. >> Do you get scared of falling ever, Emma? >> No, cuz I will get back up. >> [APPLAUSE] >> That is a wonderful thing to say. You just get back up when you fall, of course you do. So, I understand your daddy is, where is your daddy? >> In Korea. >> He's in Korea, he's in the Army, is that right? >> Yes. >> How long is he there? >> He's gonna be there for a year. >> A year? >> Yes. >> Do they get to talk and see each other, FaceTime? >> Yeah, she gets to FaceTime him now. The first week or so we didn't, but now we get to talk to him all the time. >> Uh-huh. He did something really sweet when he left. What did he leave you? >> A daddy kiss jar. >> A daddy kiss jar and so there's a kiss for every single day that, so it's a kiss from your daddy every single day? >> Mm-hm. >> That's really sweet. Do you sometimes steal more kisses than one? >> No. >> [LAUGH] >> Not since she got caught. [LAUGH] >> I see. I see. >> She thought if she would steal them, that the days would go by a little bit faster until he's back. So she would just sneak them. But she got caught and she won't do it again. [LAUGH] >> Aw, that is really sweet. Okay, there's so many things over here. You're gonna perform for us, right Emma? >> Right. >> Here we go, let's go. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Wow. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Let's go this way. >> Wow. That's certainly not clumsy, is it? >> [LAUGH] >> Can you try your press handstand? Can you go all the way up? Okay. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Wow! >> [APPLAUSE] >> Do you want to show your kick over? Can you show your kick over? Okay, sit down. Okay. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> Wow! >> [APPLAUSE] >> Do you wanna show your favorite skill? [INAUDIBLE] Let's do your favorite. Okay. Can you do your special split? Okay. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Can you do your? >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH] >> Wow. >> [LAUGH] >> [APPLAUSE] >> You wanna show your backhand spring now? Can you go all the way over there? How many you gonna show? >> Three. >> Okay. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Yay! >> I'm so proud of you! >> Let's go down here cuz I have a little surprise for you. >> Okay. >> Let's come down here. >> [APPLAUSE] >> First of all, that was so good, that was so, I can't believe how good you are. Okay, so you have your kiss jar from your daddy everyday, right? Okay, if you want more than that, I got you something. >> [LAUGH] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ellen hugs. >> [APPLAUSE] >> That's a lot of kisses. >> It's kisses. And then with your daddy's kisses, you get an Ellen hug every single day. >> Aw, can you tell her thank you and give her a hug? >> Thank you. >> Your welcome.

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