Why Men Ignore Women They Like: 2 Weird Psychological Phenomenons

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- Now, I'm gonna teach you a concept that will explain exactly why it is that men ignore women who they actually like. And weirdly enough, men actually do this for two very distinct reasons. Keep watching. (gentle instrumental music) Hey, there, my name's Adam LoDolce from LoveStrategies.com and if you enjoy videos just like this, please don't forget to give this video a like. And don't forget to subscribe if you want five years of good luck in your love life. Give me that love and subscribe to this channel. Now, before we get into the tactics that I'm gonna reveal in this video, I want to start by saying that I don't actually endorse these tactics that men use because if these tactics are overused or misused, they can actually be quite manipulative. But as your love strategist, I almost feel like I'm your big brother. I'm going to protect you when you are going out there and meeting some of these guys who are really good and have good game. They are high value and they are in some ways trying to take advantage of certain situations. And once you understand these two different strategies that men use to ignore you and make you like them even more, then you are gonna be able to identify them and be able to react accordingly. Number one is that we use scarcity to our advantage. If a guy is really high value and he likes you, he is not going to make himself 100% available to you because here's the reality. As humans, we want what it is that we can't have. And when something is scarce, we want it even more. For example, why are these sneakers selling for $5,800 on eBay? You literally cannot even wear these sneakers. The moment that you put them on your smelly ass, stinky ass feet is the moment that they are worth absolutely nothing. So, the reason why they're actually worth $5,800 is because they are scarce. There's not many of them and a lot of people want them because there is limited quantity. Scarcity raises the value of things. And men who are exceptionally good with women understand this psychology very well. The moment that you take your attention off of a woman is the very moment that she wants your attention back. So, here's my advice if this is happening to you. Don't get stuck falling into this trap. I actually have a free training that I've just created, and it's gonna teach you how to use seven very simple steps to get a guy to continue pursuing you. I'll leave a link to that brand new training in the description in this video. So now, let's go to the second reason why we ignore women that we like. Number two is that we talk to other attractive women in order to get your attention. There is a strategy that some men use in order to get your attention and to get you to be more attracted to them, and it is called pre-selection. If I want to get your attention at a party, what I will do is go talk to another very attractive woman at the party. And you will see me talking to her and thinking to yourself, "Well, if that beautiful woman is talking to me, then that guy must be pretty (beep) cool." That's why it's called pre-selection. When I'm talking to another attractive woman, you assume that she selected me and is talking to me because I am high value. And this is actually very well-documented in science. This is a phenomenon where women will either copy or imitate the sexual preferences of other women, such as their friends and they'll use that as a basis of who it is that they're attracted to. In short, if there's a really dorky, short guy talking to a really attractive woman at a party, and she seems like she's into him, you're gonna look at that situation and be like, "That guy is probably really cool." And you will by nature be more attracted to him. So, let me hear from you. Have you ever experienced any of this before? Leave a comment right there below. And don't forget to join me in that free training in the description where I'm gonna teach you why it is that men avoid commitment, and how you can follow these seven little steps to attracting the man you deeply desire. Click that link and I'll see you in just a moment, bye-bye.

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