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What is behind this sheet? Well, I'm here to tell you, it is something that you use very regularly to communicate with men, and it can be truly the difference between really connecting with a guy and not connecting with a guy. And most importantly, if you learn how to use this thing right here, you can have dramatic changes in your love life literally instantly. So you wondering what it is when we take a look. Let's get the thing off. It is your phone and this video right now. I'm going to be giving you seven texts that you can send a guy that are going to really help you magnetically attract him in ways that you've never experienced before. But I'm not the type of dating coach who's just gonna give you seven copy and paste text that you can just send a guy who is going to miraculously change your life. It's not going to be like that. Instead, I'm going to do is give you the text that you can use while at the same time teaching you a sexy confidence principle along the way. So I really suggest you watch this entire video because I want you to understand the basics of these principles before sending the texts. And of course, if you do get any value from this video or from these principles, I recommend you check out the Sexy Confidence Club. You can also access that right below this video and join the entire community and be able to access a ton of different courses that will help you through every single stage of finding love and keeping love. And you can try that out as well for free as my gift to you. So let's just jump right into principal number one principle. Number one is basically high value positioning as part of this sexy, confident community. You are now a high value woman. And essentially in a nutshell, what that means is that if a man doesn't earn your love and earn you, then you're not going to give it freely. Right. And this is a massive shift that you need to start making your love life. Now, I'm not here to have you fake this mentality. I'm here to actually create some real shifts in your love life to actually help you believe that you are a high value woman. Now, when it comes to value. Value is really just a perception. Let me give you an example now. Recently I was on a bachelor party with one of my friends is getting married and he wanted to go to a casino for the night. So I said, of course, let's go do it. I'm not a big gambler. But what the hell? Let's give this thing a shot. So I sat down at the roulette table, put 50 bucks on red, and I said, let's just see what happens. Boom, just 150 bucks. It hit red. I was sight. Now, what did I do with that 50 dollars? You're probably wondering, I had this 50 dollars winnings. And do you think that I went to my savings account, put in my savings account and said, you know what, I really earned that money. So I'm going to watch it grow and hold onto it and give it to my children's college fund and make sure that it blossoms into this huge investment. No, of course not. I immediately went to the bar and blew it instantly because I didn't do anything to earn that money. Now, I want you to imagine that instead of just winning that money for free, that 50 dollars, I had to work at McDonalds flipping burgers for like I don't know how many hours you to do. It's a six hours of flipping burgers in order to get that 50 dollars. Do you think that I would immediately, right after that, go to the bar, just blow it instantly? No, of course not. Because I had to earn that money. Now the same exact principle applies to your dating life and meeting men. If a man doesn't have to earn your love and don't have to work for it in those early stages, then he's not going to value it. It doesn't matter if you're Scarlett Johansson, a movie actress, or if you are just a regular person going out there meeting people. Doesn't matter if you are in a position as a high value woman, you're not making a man earn. Your love is not going to actually value it. If you're finding guys not trying to earn your love and earn your time and earn your respect, then go ahead and send him this text as a first example for a high value position text. You're going to have to try a lot harder than that. If you want to be with me. I guess now, you know, you have to be high value stuff of principal number two, which is being playfully confident, you probably in on a few dates with some guys who sit across from the table and it is all business, right? He is just like looking deep into your soul and trying to get to know you as a person. Now, sometimes that can be fun, but most of the time, especially on a first date early on, it can be a little bit off putting. And the same thing goes with men. Now, when we are going out and meeting people for the first time, people aren't going to actually remember the words that you're saying. They're going to remember how they feel about what you're saying. And the best way to be able to really attract someone to connect with someone is to be playfully confident, to be just that playful, energetic, fun person who really has that vibe, you know, that magnetic vibe. When you meet some people and they just like you, you click with them. That's what playful confidence is all about. And that's what sexy confidence is all about. So here's an example of a text that you can send to be a little bit cheeky and playfully confident.

You stop always thinking about me. I know you can't help it, but it's going to drive you crazy. All right, so now let's jump in to principal number three, which is all about You stop always thinking about me. I know you can't help it, but it's going to drive you crazy. All right, so now let's jump in to principal number three, which is all about building sexual tension. This is the fun part of dating and connecting with someone and sexual tension. I think nowadays it's become a little bit of a lost art because so many people in this hookup culture are hooking up so quickly that they're not even enabling sexual tension to exist early on when you're meeting someone. Now, I should say I'm not judging. I'm not here to judge if you sleep with someone too quickly. I understand that. I've certainly been that case back when I was single. I've done that. But what I'm here to tell you is being a part of this community with sexy confidence is it's better to wait. Early on, that relationship, build up some sexual tension, have him thinking he's this go. Am I going to get some? Is this guy actually gonna go somewhere or am I? Is she not into me? And this is what building sexual tension is all about, the unknowing of what is going to happen. Almost think of it like a rubber band between the two of you. And he pulls one way you pull the other. And it's a little bit of a dance at the beginning. But this is what gets him coming back, is the more sexual tension that builds up and builds up, the more he's going to want to come back and the more time he's going to have to get to know you. So here's a fun little text you can send to be able to build a little bit more sexual tension. Sexy blue skirt or elegant red dress you choose. Ready? Go. Now let's get on to principle number four of sexy confidence, which is all about setting very clear boundaries about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior. I was recently hanging out with my godson and he's a toddler. He's like maybe two and half, three years old now. And we were at a barbecue and we're playing around. And then I was talking to one of my friends out of nowhere. And I see him in the corner, my eye going up and trying to touch the hot barbecue. And he was just about to touch it, like grab his hand. And I say, no, T.J., don't do that. OK. So I'm setting very clear boundaries because I don't want him to get burned. And as time goes on, of course, he's going to start learning what are the boundaries of life. I hate to say it in reality, but this does apply to relationships in some ways, because sometimes men need to know what your boundaries really are. And a lot of times you guys think of kind of men as kind of like toddlers. They're going to push your boundaries and see what it is that they can get away with. Right. Let's say he decides that he's not really is into you anymore and he starts pulling back and maybe it goes to you for a couple of weeks, but then sends you a text at 1:00 a.m. when he's drinking because he wants to hook up. That is a clear overstepping of your boundaries. And if you don't set boundaries and it will set him straight about the type of woman you are. What's he going to do next time? He's going to push those boundaries once again and keep pushing those boundaries. So it is your responsibility to set those boundaries. And if he decides that he's going to continuously overstep those boundaries, then what do you say? You say it's four letter magic word, which is next. And move on to the next guy. So here's a text that you can send to a guy. If, for example, he sends it at 1:00 AM texts and he's drunk and he's just trying to hook up and here's to thinking like, no, that's not happening, send him this text and see what happens. You might be confused with someone else. I'm not that type of girl. So now let's jump on to principle number five, which is give earned compliments and notice the word earned right here. When a man does something gentlemanly like and I know that is rare nowadays than it certainly used to be, but it still happens. Then give him the compliment. I always think of men kind of like puppies. All right. When a puppy does something really good, you reward them with a treat. Right. And what this is, is positive reinforcement. The more treats that the puppy gets, the more they're going to do that particular behavior. And it is also true with men and people in general, men, women, children, everything we do well with positive reinforcement. So let's say he does open the door for you. Be sure to thank him for it. If he buys you dinner, then be sure to, of course, acknowledge that and call him a gentleman. And of course, here's an example text you might be able to send a guy to give him that earned compliment when he truly deserves it. Thank you so much for treating me to dinner tonight. You're such a gentleman. When you send him a text like that and you actually acknowledge what he did, well, he is going to do more of that behavior. And if you don't acknowledge that type of behavior and you just kind of accept it, it's just normal. I go every guys to buy me dinner, then what's going to happen? He's just going to think that you don't really appreciate it. He's not going to do even more of that behavior. Principle number six, I think, is really the foundation of sexy confidence, which is exuding feminine energy. Now, the reason why I called sexy confidence sexy confidence is because I wanted to have both a masculine confidence word and a feminine word, which is sexy put together, because really both are pretty critical when it comes to attracting someone into your life. So sexy really represents the feminine energy that you bring to the table and be able to exude that when you were with a man. And I know this can be very, very hard. So many women that are part of this community are like crushing it at work right there in the boardroom. They are taking names and they are crushing it. So for them to then step into their more feminine side can be very challenging. But ultimately, what ends up happening if they don't step in that feminine side? The only guys that they attract are beta males that they're not really that attracted to. So this is a challenging thing, but it is something that I really hope a lot of women with is understanding the masculine side. What men, what magnetically attracts men as well throughout the dating process? So exuding feminine energy is something you want to be thinking about while you're getting out there. And certainly something I go through a lot in the sexy confidence club to help you understand this masculine feminine energy and how it really interacts with attraction. So here's an example text that you can send to be able to really exude a little bit more feminine energy. I can't stop thinking about the way you looked at me the other night. It sent shivers down my spine. And finally, last but not least, let's go to principle number seven, which is reigniting the romance. Relationships are all founded on emotion. Right. Love is simply just an emotion. And one of the easiest ways to reignite a little bit of a lost spark. And this is for those of you who are further along in a relationship when the easiest ways to reignite the romance is just to reminisce on past memories and past emotions that you've had. So here's a text that you can send to Bill to do just that. What are your two favorite memories of us led romantic and one sexy? So they have it there are these seven principles that you really want to start thinking about, and this is really just an introduction to sexy confidence in general. So if you didn't get a lot from this video and this really resonates with you and you feel like you need to work on any part of this, I do recommend you check out the sexy confidence club. Like I said, it's free. It's right there below. We have courses that you can take and it's just all part of your membership you can take that's going to help you through not only finding a relationship, but keeping a relationship. We also have a community of women who support you through the hard times that do come with getting out there, finding love or when you are in a relationship. And it's one of the most supportive places you'll ever find. It's totally private. So you can really talk about some of the most private things that are going on in your life and get unbiased feedback. Also, as part of this program, we have mentorship with these live sessions where you can build. Come on, ask me questions or other experts questions about your particular love life and get those real questions from people who are actually experts and dating strategists. And then finally, you can be able to get answers to all of your dating questions in this member library. Immediately, once you get in there, you can be able to search any question you've ever had and you're going to see a ton of answers to any question you've ever had about dating, love, sex, relationships. It's all in there for you. So I recommend you give that a shot. I'd love to see it there, but if not, no worries. I would. I'd also love for you to do is just leave a comment right there below about which part of this you're going to work on today. And then finally, I challenge you send one of those texts. We talk about it. You can download the text right there below, send one of those texts. Let us know how it goes. Leave a comment right there below. Thank you so much for watching. And I'll speak to you very soon. You sexy single lady. But by.

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