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WINFREY: Could you explain to us what it feels like? Because you seem to be living every young girl's dream. I mean, you started out, there's "The Mickey Mouse Club." I'm sure at the time that was the most exciting thing. Ms. B. SPEARS: Right. WINFREY: And now you have become this--really, I used the word with the audience earlier, a phenomenon, and this is all you've known. This is all you've really known. This is what your life has been. And so what's it like to be you? Ms. B. SPEARS: What's it like to be me? Oh, my goodness. It just depends on what I'm doing. Like right now, I'm, you know, promoting, and I'll do my thing from 9 to 6; usually have the weekends off. WINFREY: Well, is it... Ms. B. SPEARS: And it's just--I try to make it as normal as possible. WINFREY: Well, is it as much fun as it seems? Please tell us it's fun. Ms. B. SPEARS: No. Oh, my God! Oh, it's so much fun. WINFREY: It's fun. Ms. B. SPEARS: That's what drives me to do what I do, to be on stage and to--oh, my gosh, yeah. WINFREY: Do you feel like--I mean, you've said this in--in one of your songs. Do you feel like you're between two worlds, the world of the girl and m--moving into womanhood and people still want to--want you to be that little girl? Ms. B. SPEARS: I do kind of feel that in a way. I must say. Actually, the song was written for the movie, for Lucy. WINFREY: Right. Ms. B. SPEARS: But I can relate to the song to a certain extent, yeah. I can. WINFREY: To what extent? Tell me. Ms. B. SPEARS: Like just me being at that stage in my life where I'm coming into my own and knowing exactly what I want and not having people having to tell me or do you--you--I mean, they mean well. WINFREY: Yeah. Ms. B. SPEARS: And, you know, I think there is a factor about me that people want to protect. But at the same time, it's about me wanting to be a woman, you know, so... WINFREY: And do you find that a lot of people want you to remain where you were? Ms. B. SPEARS: I don't know. I just do what I want to do. I'm to that conclusion now, you know. WINFREY: That is a good conclusion to come to at 20. Ms. B. SPEARS: Yeah. Yeah.

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