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How did you figure it out? Ellen cracked the code. Look at that. Look at this, such a beautiful virtual audience. I've never been so welcomed from afar. This is amazing. Yeah. And some people are there all over the world. So it's different times and different places. So they're-- isn't that nice? This is really nice. I'm serious. One guy is extremely excited to see me. He's dancing and everything. Yeah. He's doing a lot more than everybody else, which kind of makes me upset. I feel like everybody's energy should match his. He's been doing the wop and everything else. He's very exciting. Everyone is now trying to compete with him, because he is the audience leader so far. But look at everybody go. I like your shirt tucked in. You like it? It a good choice. It wasn't tucked in before and now it is, and I like it. Well, I went with the tucked in. I said, what can I do to get a compliment? And I said, if I go in with the tucked in shirt, it's good. How are you? I'm not done with compliments. I like the outfit. Yeah. Yeah. I like-- I like you. Yes. I like the whole thing, and I miss you. I miss you, too. I haven't seen you in a while. And the last time I saw you, your wife was on the beach with a giant-- Ready to pop! Ready to pop. She had a baby inside of her still. Yes. Beautiful as ever. Yes. And now you have a little baby girl. Yeah, man. A family of four now. Baby girl is-- my baby girl is almost seven months now. Wow. That's how long ago that was. That's how long ago it was. Seven months, man. Yeah. Seven months. Thank you, guys. Kaori Mai Hart. That's her name. How-- Kaori? Kaori Mai Hart. Beautiful. And what do you call her? I call her Ori. And I call her Aspen, Lil Aspen Head. Why is that? Because her head looks like a ski slope. So I call her Lil Aspen. Come here, Lil Aspen. Yeah. Yeah. That's going to stick with her. My father called me Bell Head, and I don't know why. It wasn't shaped like a bell. It's just that he called me Bell Head. So Aspen Head is going to stick with her. Yeah. Mine is strictly off the shape. Yeah. That's off the shape. And so now you have four children. And at this point in the delivery room, are you there? Jaded. Am I jaded? Yes. That's the word you're looking for? Hey, is it baby girl? Cool. Where she at? Let me see her. All right. There she go. Can we wrap her up? Do we leave today? How long do we-- what do we have to do? Honey, what do your legs feel like? You walking or no? If you walking, we can get out of here today. At this point, all the panic that goes into it is gone. I've been there. I've done it. I've seen it. And you got to-- you got to be careful not to be too relaxed because, it definitely does-- it can come off weird to some of the people in the room, like some of the doctors and nurses around. But me and my wife were definitely like, yeah, baby, you think you ready? She was like, I don't know. I feel like I'm dilated, but not enough. Let's chill for a little while longer. We were at the house. It's amazing. So she's just as chill as you are? She's just as chill. That's amazing. And are you done now? You know, if I could, Ellen, I'd throw these [MUTED] in the trash. I don't want them. I don't want no more babies, you know. But It's not up to me. I'd take these [MUTED] and throw them on the roof if I could. Uh-huh. You know, but I can't make those decisions. My wife as of now, she says that she's done. But Ori is in like that perfect little baby stage. And then she gets that glow again. So you know, who knows? The house is getting louder. It's very active. I don't I don't need any more activity in my house. Yeah. If I could say respectfully, in the nicest way, I think that our family is fine the way it is. I don't think we need any more additions, personally. And you probably don't. But if you would, it would be a wonderful addition. Yeah. If it happened-- Yes. If it were to happen, like, am I blown away by the news? At first, no. I got an attitude. But then, whoa! I'll grown into it. Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa, another baby. Oh man. And the 16-year-old is she-- does she have a job? My 16-year-old does have a job. My 16-year-old is interning for me currently at HartBeat Productions. Wow. And I couldn't be-- I couldn't be prouder. That's fantastic. This is a lot of things. I've had a lot of success and major accomplishments in my life. My daughter asking me to learn the business and to truly come up under my wing and grow was the biggest thing ever. Because it's not forced. I didn't force her. I didn't say, this is what you have to do. She wants to do it. She wants to learn the world of producing, the world of development. She's so creative. And that's like the biggest compliment to what I do. But what a lucky girl that she gets to learn that way, from her dad, and from your company, which is-- It's insane. And she's good. She actually-- I gave her a script to read and I didn't even read it yet. I forgot that I didn't read it yet. And we had a call about the script. And she was so dialed in. She had notes. She had thoughts. She had ideas. And she's like, dad, what do you think? And I was like, shut up. OK. Because you don't tell me what I think. It's for me to listen. You know, I didn't want her to know that I didn't even read the script yet. But I had no idea what she was talking about.

She's coming in handy. All right. We have to take a break. I want to talk to you about working out, because I am fascinated by what you're doing. Because it's just insane. Well, let's discuss it. She's coming in handy. All right. We have to take a break. I want to talk to you about working out, because I am fascinated by what you're doing. Because it's just insane. Well, let's discuss it. We will. That's what I just said. I said we will. It was my idea. Well, I stuck with that idea. I said, we'd talk about it. All right. All right. Well we will. OK. We'll be back. We're back with Kevin Hart. And so Kevin, let's show this video. Because I mean, everyone knows you work out, and you post it. But let's take a look at you working out here. Some dips, a couple of dips, and then those crunch things. Reverse crunch, is that what it is? OK. And then there's some pull ups. Yeah. OK. And you get up at-- well, this looks later. What time is that when you're boxing? Well, that's still early morning. That's like 9:00 AM, which is very late. Yeah it is. Very late for me. What time do you-- do you get up at 3:30 to work out? I'm a 4:00 AM. Get up at 4:00 AM. I'm in the gym by 4:30, 5:00 AM. What time do you go to sleep? It depends on the day. Sometimes 10, could be 11. I only need about five hours. I'm not going to lie. I don't really need a lot of sleep. Yeah. I need a lot of sleep. What's a lot? I just need a lot of sleep. What's a lot? Like probably eight hours. Wow. That's a lot. Yeah and-- That's a lot. It's what most people-- and sleep is very important for you. No, I definitely know what it is. I'm not saying it as if it's not. I'm saying, I'm a fully functional individual off of five hours. That's amazing. My son gets up with me now. I know. Yeah. I saw. My son is 13 now. And it's all about, dad, I want to get up, and I want to work out with you. Once again, I don't make him. I didn't suggest it. It was something that he wanted to do. So I like that my habits are rubbing off on my kids in the right way. Good habits. Good habits. I think so. You look great. And I thought you looked good. you know, when everybody was, during the quarantine, doing whatever they wanted to do, you let your hair go gray. Yes. And I thought it looked good. But you obviously decided not to keep it gray. Well, I don't think that, I don't think that's something we had to draw attention to. Yeah. Some people may have thought that this was my hair, my regular hair. Oh. Of course you got a picture, why wouldn't you? Yeah. That's not Morgan Freeman. That's me. That's actually me. I can't go full gray. But why don't-- you don't like that. It's not that I don't like it. I don't like the way my wife looks at me when it happens. Like there's a couple of looks that she's giving me where I've caught her thinking, you know, this is just not for me. It gets so gray, so, so gray. And it just ages me up tremendously. I look a lot older. But you're not worried about getting older? No. I mean. What do we-- like, what is worried? What are we saying worried is? OK. Here's what it is. Right now, where I sit at the age that I'm at right now, I notice changes in my body. I'm making noises when I get up. I'm doing that. A lot of cracks, a lot of cracking and popping, just joints. Joints are doing different stuff. And it's got me thinking about what's to come. Something's over the hill. I don't know what it is. I got something coming. I don't know. I don't want-- I don't want to get to this point, because I'm already small. I don't want I don't want the-- you know what I mean? I don't want the back. If I can fight the back off, I'll be happy. If I can fight the-- if I can fight this, I don't want this right here. I don't want that. If I can fight that off, I'll be happy. But there's something coming. I got something brewing. But you're taking care of yourself, so probably it's not going to be as bad or as bad as it would be. Or I can be the too in shape old guy. Uh huh. That's something scary. What's that look like? This guy. Ah! That 60-year-old guy that's like, come on! . The old guy that just wants to show you everything. I'll did the push ups right now. Come on. Uncle Kev, stop, man. Come on. Everything gets a clap. Ah! Come on! He's lost it. He's lost his mind. We'll have this video to show you when you're that person. We'll have that. You said you didn't want to be that. It's going to be one or the other. Eating broccoli, health is wealth. Still giving slogans that people have heard for 40 years. An active heart is a good one. Oh God, he's lost it. Oh, my God. All right, Kevin, we have to take a break. More with Kevin after this. That's Kevin Hart and his new movie Fatherhood, which is so good. You're fantastic. And you know how much I love you. You're hilarious, which is obvious, but your serious acting is beautiful. I mean, this is a very serious role for you, even though there's really funny moments in it. Your friends are really funny. And but it's just-- tell everybody what it's about. It's based on a book, right? Yes, it's based on a book. It's the story of a man who loses the closest thing to him, which is his wife. And he's left with the job of raising a child, but he struggles with it. It's not something that he jumps at. And it's the question of, why am I still here? Why wasn't I the one that was taken? Why was my wife taken? And it's his fight with himself. It's a man battling himself to try to become a better version of himself to simply give his daughter the best possible life that he can. And the amount of struggle that turns into love is amazing. And it was good to play another serious part after The Upside, which I did with Bryan Cranston. I got bit by the bug. And it was, let's find more projects that I feel my audience would gravitate towards, jump at, but more importantly, be shocked at my performance at. And this was it. It was an opportunity for me to represent a Black father on screen in a positive light, which you rarely see. We're always a product of a broken home, or a drug addict, or is in jail. The stories are kind of similar within plots. So for the first time, I said, well, I can be a part of creating and changing a narrative that's strictly on the positive side. And showing us in way we don't get to see. It's good. It's really good. It's really good. And all of the versions of your daughter, the baby, that young one with her face and her looks when she's listening to you, and then the older daughter. They're all-- Are you ready for what's crazy? They were all related. There was a batch of the kids that had the older sister, the younger sister, and the infant sister. So I got to work like with three sisters that were related, and then my older two I grew a relationship with them as we were doing the movie. Because for a while, some of the scenes were difficult, because one of the babies didn't like me. The baby just didn't like me. It didn't matter what I did, candy, nothing worked. But what I found, overall, is that you're able to use that. You're able to use-- like when I'm playing a guy who isn't happy about where he is in life, well on set I wasn't happy about this baby fussing at me at the level that it was, I used it. I channeled that energy. Some people are calling me a modern-day Daniel Day Lewis. I didn't say it. I didn't say it. I didn't start the rumor. I'm just saying. People are saying that-- Do you remember who said it? Well there's people. There's a lot of-- there's a lot of dialogue, because of the places that I'm now able to go. Ellen, just as an example-- that's pain. Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. I was wondering if you were OK. It was so real. All right. We have to take a break, because that-- It shook you up. Yeah. Yeah. Come on! We'll be back. Hi, I'm Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you to subscribe to her channel, so you can see more awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things like ball peen hammer, and also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if you're into that sort of thing. Yah! Oh! God [BLEEP]!

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