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- Abrasive Intimidating Overbearing. These are the words that are most associated when you're talking about a confident woman. Now, what if I wanna tell you that there's a different way to present yourself as that incredible confident woman that men are drawn to on a very deep, emotional level. One that puts you in control of your destiny. And one that magnetically attracts masculine men because you are radiating your sexy, feminine energy. This is the type of confidence that men find very attractive. Keep watching. (calm music) Hey, there. I'm Adam LoDolce. The head love strategist over here where we help successful single women attract a long lasting love and do it with a strategy. And if you haven't done it already, please give this video a like and also don't forget to subscribe cause we have a ton of incredible content. That's going to help you improve your love life over the next few days. And if you're ready to build your own love strategy so that you can successfully find that relationship that you truly deserve, make sure you click the link right there below or head on over to LoveApply.com where you can apply to speak to one of our love strategists. And we'll dive deep into your love life and see whether or not you're a fit for our love coaching program called love accelerator. Now in our love accelerator coaching, we have a framework that we've been developing over the past 10 years that is designed to help you go from feeling lost and confused in your own love life to be able to track that man that you truly and deeply desire. And this is called the little love steps. And there are seven little love steps that you can take from going from completely single to attracting that man. And this video is focused on little love step number one which is called "Build your sexy confidence." And the type of confidence that men are magnetically attracted to is you guessed it, sexy confidence. So let's break this down as to why this is the type of confidence that men are just drawn to so intensely. So when I talk about this sexy in sexy confidence, what we are really exploring is that feminine energy that you can bring to any conversation or any relationship. Now, if you're like most of my clients, you are probably absolutely crushing it professionally. You might be a top executive at one of your companies or maybe you're a doctor or an attorney, or just someone who's very successful in their life. And by nature, you probably bring a lot of masculine energy to your workplace because that is what has gotten you ahead in life. And that of course is something I deeply support because it's probably really served you over the years. But when it comes to your love life, if you do wanna start attracting a more masculine man, a man who does have that energy, that you are deeply seeking and true man who can actually be a real man and not some beta male, then it's time for you to just kind of tap into that sexy, feminine energy and learn how to be more receptive throughout the dating process. Learn how to be a little bit softer and learn how to let the man truly take the lead throughout those early stages of dating. And when I say the word sexy, I don't mean that you have to be promiscuous or easy in the bedroom or anything like that. It really means more so being sensual and soft and very receptive. And that is the type of energy that you wanna bring to these interactions. And it can be very difficult especially if you're going on a date, let's say right after work. And let's say you're an attorney and all day long, you're just talking to people and bringing that very intense masculine energy. It's going to be a pretty hard transition going to a date and learning how to bring that softer energy. But it's something that we all work on in our love coaching program to really help women tap into that energy so that they are attracting the right type of quality men. Now let's jump onto the confidence side of sexy confidence. Ultimately, the confidence part of all of this is just knowing your worth and knowing what value you bring to a relationship. This comes down to building your own self worth throughout the process and knowing that you are truly a high value woman. And more importantly, knowing how to position yourself as a high value woman throughout the little love steps. In a nutshell, this basically means not taking from guys when they're trying to push you around a little bit. This means setting very clear boundaries throughout the relationship process. And especially once you are in a exclusive relationship, being very clear about what an exclusive committed relationship really means. And most people think when I say confidence, they think of the type of woman who is chasing men. Who is pursuing men who goes up to that guy at the bar and asks him out but that is not what we do here at Love Strategies. Instead, sexy confidence is all about bringing that soft, feminine energy while at the same time, understanding what value you bring to a relationship and really setting your standards moving forward. Without sexy confidence, none of the subsequent little love steps are really going to work because it, as you progress throughout the dating process, if you don't truly on a very deep level, look yourself in the mirror and understand that you deserve something incredible. Then you will sabotage yourself throughout every other stage as you're starting to get out there, meet men as you start dating men. And certainly once you are in a relationship with a good guy. And the best part of this whole process is that you are empowered. Most women assume that feminine energy means that you have to let go of control or let go of your power. But I cannot disagree more actually feminine energy means that you sit back and watch the man make some of the decisions and you are the decider and you are the prize that he is begging to win over. And by the way, if he doesn't do a good job, then you say that four letter magic word, which is next. And move on to the next guy. That is what sexy confidence is all about. And that's what little love step number one of all of love accelerate coaching is all about. So from this point forward, there is no more chasing down guys and no more worrying about flaky guys in your life. No more pursuing men. From this point forward, you are going to walk through your love life with sexy confidence. This is a new style of dating that you may not be used to which puts you in control of the whole process while making the man think that he's kind of in control and all the while doing it with total authenticity and honesty because you are ultimately the gatekeeper. You decide who comes into your life and who deserves your time and your energy and your emotional connection and who absolutely does not. So if you're ready to start this journey of the seven little love steps, then I really urge you to go ahead, apply to right there below. We have a link right there. Or you can head on over to LoveApply.com and if we think you're a good fit, we're happy to jump on a call with you with one of my trained love strategists. And we will apply the little love steps to your life and ultimately see whether or not you're fit for love coaching. And finally, I wanna hear from you in the comments right there below. Which part of sexy confidence do you really need to work on? The sexy part? The confidence part? Or both? I'd love to hear from you in the comments right there below. Thank you so much for watching and I'll speak to you. You sexy single lady next week. Bye bye.

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