Is He Attracted to You or Just Being Nice? (4 Things to Know)

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- There is nothing worse than when you're flirting with someone, and you think it's going really well. Ha, ha, ha, you're so cute! Whoa! (record scratches) Oh no! Oh yes! Was he just being nice? (air whooshes) Sorry to break it to you, he was. Have you ever asked yourself whether or not a guy's attracted to you, or he's just being nice? Then keep watching. (upbeat disco music) Hey there, Adam LoDolce from LoveStrategies.com, where we help successful single women get out there, and attract long lasting love. In this video, I'm going to be revealing to you the signs to look for that a guy is just being nice, in that he is not interested in anything more. The first sign, is that he's not getting close to you, and he's definitely not even touching you. When a man is flirting with a woman, and, same with when a woman is flirting with men, we tend to get closer to one another. We're just drawn to one another. And the easiest way to flirt with someone, in a real way, is by touching them, right? He's going to want to be touching your arm, or even lightly touching your back, and wanting to get close to you. It's a classic way that a man makes a move on a woman. The way that you'll know if he's just trying to be nice, or friend zone you, is by keeping a really safe distance. So keep an eye out. If you are getting closer to a guy, and kind of step inching in, is he inching away? Because, if this is happening, then it means that he's probably not that into it. Sign number two is that he doesn't want to spend time alone with you. If you find that every time you're trying to make plans with this guy, he's involving other people, sorry to tell you, it's not a very good sign. When a man is trying to get romantic with a woman, or become more intimate with her, build a closer connection with a woman, he's naturally gonna want to take you aside. He's gonna wanna spend time in the corner of the room with you, or, of course, ask you out where it's just you two alone with one another. And so, the opposite of that is, every time you spend time together, it's with a group, with a group of friends, or maybe it's part of an association that you're a part of. He's never wanting to spend time with just you and him, one-on-one. Sign number three is that he's responsive to you, and you're texting, but he's not very proactive. I had this scenario come to me the other day, and this woman told me she's been texting with this guy for over six weeks, and the weirdest thing is that, he'll always respond to her texts, but he'll never actually ask her out. And, she's always the one initiating, she's always the one trying to make something happen here. So I simply told her, "The only way we know how this man feels is for you to stop texting him. You are in the chaser mode right now. I want you to be the chooser, not the chaser. So take a step back, and see what he does." And unfortunately, in this circumstance, he did nothing. She had never heard from him ever again. Now you might think that that's a sad ending to this story, but it's not. What happens there is now her heart is open to be able to meet the right type of man out there. And she's no longer wasting her time chasing some loser that's not interested in her. Now she can keep her heart open for the type of man who is actually actively chasing after her, entrusted in her. So, really take this advice to heart. And the final sign that he's just being nice is that he keeps telling you all about his dating life, and the other women he's talking to. If a man is being super open with you about other women, and he's meeting, or worse, he's hooking up with, that means you are so deeply friend zoned, it's not even funny. So I wanna hear from you in the comments below, have you ever been flirting with a guy, and it turns out he was just being nice? Leave that comment right there below. And if you are ready to have men start pursuing you, then what I want you to do is learn how to build, what I call, emotional attraction. And I have a very special training for you. It's available right now. If you click the link in the bio, you can join me, and learn the three step formula to building deep emotional attraction with any guy. So go ahead and join that training right there below. I'll see you there in a minute. And again, if you enjoyed this video, give it a Like, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave that comment right there below. Thank you so much for being here, and I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week. Buh bye!

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