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There was so much COVID protocol to get in here. I love it. Yes. No, we're very strict here. Very, very strict, which is why we get to have an audience, thank God. And it feels so good. Yeah. It feels good. Kim, you and I have seen a lot of each other lately. We have. Yeah. We've been kind of hanging out peripherally and through your mom and Corey, and we send you late night videos. I have to say, my outlook on life has changed since you've been in my life. Really? Yes. No, it really has. Because-- I don't know. I don't want this to sound the wrong way, but I would think of my mom and everyone and just think, like, oh OK, what is she going to do? We're all grown up and what is she doing? And I would go to her house and every single night till I don't even know when, you guys are drinking, dancing, doing God knows what, but it's a party every single night. And I thought to myself, oh my God, this is what life is going to be like after. This is going to be amazing. There's so much to look forward to. Yep. You guys are living life. You guys have never seen this energy, this partying. I literally felt like, wait, I'm the grandma going to bed before you guys. I know. You guys are just up dancing. The videos, the sneaky videos I have of you guys, you're lucky I don't have my phone out here. Of them dancing, it's so cute. By the way, it's at 10:30 at night. You just go to bed really, really early. But yeah, there's dancing that goes on, there's scaring. We scare your mom often. Yes. But you love scaring her too. I mean, there's nothing that gets me more, that makes my life than scaring people. I love it. Who do you scare? I Mean, we've scared Portia so many times. I have so many Portia scare videos in my phone. Yep. I scare everyone. Anyone that walks around the corner, I just like to scare them. My kids scare me because I scare them so much, so know they want to get me back. It's so much fun. Do you scare easily, though? Oh my gosh, yes. Like everything, when you brought out that spider. If you ever want to get me, it's a spider. So a spider in your house is not OK? No, absolutely not. You don't usher it out, you kill it? No, I kill it. Yeah. My kids want to keep them, it's like a whole thing. I don't care. I have a no spider tolerance rule. You're dead, I don't care. What do you mean your kids want to keep them, as pets? Yes. They want to keep the spiders? They keep everything as a pet, yes. A lizard was in my bathroom the other day. We caught it. Yeah, they want pet. Well they go out looking for frogs all the time too, right? Yes. We frog hunt. Is that what they're looking for when they're going-- At Palm Springs. Yeah. We frog hunt, but we're not hunting. We just look and they get scared and run away. Right, right. We don't capture them. Yeah. They don't even find any, I don't think. Yeah, no, there's so many. I've never seen. You've never been frog hunting with us? I have not. I'm waking you up, because it has to be night, so. No, I'd rather dance with Kris. I don't want a frog hunt. So by the way, thanks for being here for the premiere week, it really means a lot. Of course. Of course. That's a big deal. I want to show, talking about the kids and spiders, there's a picture of Chicago who is in your closet. All the time. OK. So she is a little you. My Chi Chi. She is my girliest girl that loves pink and purple and make up. All my kids are so different, North is, like, Goth. She's into Hot Topics and she dresses with, like, she puts fake tattoos on her face, and she listens to Black Sabbath, and she's just like a full Goth girl. Saint is like video game, tech wiz, amazing. And Psalm is really into Paw Patrol and cars. Every kid is so different, but Chi Chi is my little princess. Anything princess, anything girly girl, that's her. They really are completely different. And that North is into Black Sabbath. How did she even learn about Black Sabbath? I have no idea. I think TikTok. I don't know. Wow. And Psalm is the one that was wearing the giant chain around his neck. Yes. Is that Psalm? Yes, yes. Oh my God. And he's so big. And he wears this fake, giant chain. Wait, did you say fake? It's fake. It's not. It's not? It's not. Oh my God, it's huge. I know, but it's not. How can he keep his head up? It looks like a wrestler's belt or something. It's not fake? It's fun. No, it's not. Oh my God. No. I just assumed because it was so huge. That's hilarious. Yeah, no. Oh God. Yeah, no. All right, and so but they're really well behaved though, they're really good kids. They really are. I got really lucky. They definitely give me a hard time, they really do. And North, I thought she was going to grow out of this, I want to be an only child phase. She hasn't. It's a struggle. Even to go to school, there'll be times where she's like, I'm not riding in the car with my brother. So morning drop off has to be a fun thing, and luckily so many our friends and cousins, they all live in the same neighborhood so I'm like the carpool mom. So I go to three homes every morning to pick up kids and I have to make it a thing where we just sometimes we do have to take two cars, because I've agreed to pick up so many, and I have to separate the kids because she wants her own music, she wants her own vibe, she wants to sing with her friends. So I have to trade off, it's always the thing, bribes. It's hard. I don't know how you do it. We have to take a break, but when we come back, some of our text exchanges are, because you know she's studying to be a lawyer. And anyway, we have to talk about your life, because I don't know how you balance everything. It's incredible. We'll be back.

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