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-Welcome back to the show. -Yeah! -Yes! Exactly right! Come on. You've been on the show many times. -I have. -We love you and your sisters. But this is your first time as a guest on the couch. -I am incredibly nervous. -Are you really? -You know, I never really talk about things. I usually just sing. -Yeah. -So I'm very -- My heart is pounding. I have to be honest. You guys are being very nice, so thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] -It is also right now after midnight, which means it's officially your birthday. So happy birthday! [ Cheers and applause ] Come on! Come on, now. What a night this is right here. Come on. ♪♪ ♪ Da, da-da, da-da ♪ ♪♪ Why you make me do the -- I love -- I did the hora. I love you. Come on. -We have to do the hora. -I had to do the hora. -We had to do the hora. -Happy birthday. What birthday is it for you? -This is my dirty 30. -Oh, it's a 30th. -I am 30 years old. -Man, what a great year. I got to say. I know you just announced this giant tour. Haim's going on tour. Thank goodness, because, man, if you want to see a great live band, watch Haim. You won't even believe how fun you guys are and how talented you are. But the name -- I also love your sense of humor. The name of the tour is "One More Haim." -Yes. -♪ One More Haim ♪ -Yes! You got it! -♪ And we gonna celebrate ♪ Yeah. -♪ Celebrate and dance so free ♪ -"One More Haim" tour. Go to haimtheband.com. But you're playing Madison Square Garden, buddy. -Can you believe? -No, I can believe it. -I can't believe it. -May 17th at Madison Square Garden here in New York City. That is huge. -It's the craziest sentence of all time, that I'm playing Madison Square Garden. We're also playing the Hollywood Bowl in L.A., which is very wild. I'm just so excited. -Isn't this fun? -It's so fun. Come on. -Yeah. Can we talk about "Licorice Pizza"? Let's get into that. This is your film debut. Did you know that you could do this? I mean, you're fantastic. -Oh, thank you. No. I did not know that I could do this. -You did not. -That is the short answer. No. I had no idea. And I honestly thought that I was going to get fired every day because I had no idea what I was doing. But luckily I made it. You know, I made it to the last day of shooting. And I remember turning to Paul and saying, "Am I fired?" And he'd be like, "You have asked me this every day." -I know. "You're not only -- " -"You're not fired. You're not fired." -And Paul Thomas Anderson wrote this for you. -Isn't that crazy? -Yeah. -I feel like I keep saying that tonight. Yes, it's crazy. -But, I mean -- You knocked it out of the park. I don't know if you read reviews. Do you read reviews? -I don't. I'm too nervous. -Good. -I let my mom give me, like, a daily debrief. And it's either a thumbs up or a thumbs down. -Well, this is a double thumbs up. Hopefully, Mom gave the double thumbs up. Let me just say a couple things. You can plug your ears if you want to. "Alana Haim makes one of the most exciting screen debuts in recent memory." From David Rooney, "The Hollywood Reporter." That's unbelievable. [ Cheers and applause ] Peter Travers -- legend -- calls Alana's debut performance "one for the ages." Peter Travers! [ Cheers and applause ] "Variety" included "Licorice Pizza" in its list of best films of 2021. Look at what you did. -Oh, my goodness. -Unbelievable. Look at what you did. It's great. There's one scene with Bradley Cooper where you're -- you drive him around in a delivery truck. Was that you driving? -That was me driving. -Yeah. -I had to go to truck school and learn how to drive a stick shift moving van from the '70s. -Yeah. -And I'm a terrible driver. I'm terrible. And I can hear my sisters -- I'm not going to look this way because I can hear her laughing 'cause she knows. I'm a terrible driver. And I didn't tell anybody that I was a bad driver. And then it came the day that I had to, you know, do it. -Yeah. -I had to drive this truck, and I had Bradley Cooper. -America's sweetheart. -America's sweetheart. -Yes. He's a national treasure. -Yes. Cooper Hoffman, who plays Gary in "Licorice Pizza." -Yeah, he's great. -And -- He's amazing. And, you know, we start the scene. And to take it even back before -- Before we shot this movie, Paul gathered, you know, all the newcomers on the movie, me and Cooper. And we watched "American Graffiti." And there's this infamous story that Toad in the first -- one of the first scenes is riding this Vespa. And he crashes and he doesn't break. He doesn't break character. He doesn't go like, "Oh, sorry, guys." And Paul made it clear like, "You guys can never break. Like, you've never done this before. Just never break." And so I take that as, like, gospel. Like, I'm like, "Oh, the rules of acting. Number one, don't break." -Wow. -Number two, I don't know yet. Those were the rules. And so I'm in this truck. It's the time, and I'm so nervous. And we start driving. And I don't know what happened. I mean, again, bad driver. I must have done something to make a popping noise. There was just a pop. But I didn't think anything of it. And then, all of a sudden, from the corner of the cab that we -- that, you know, in the truck, it started filling with smoke. [ Laughter ] -Now, this is not part of the script. -Well, I think this is a test. -Oh, no, no, no. -This is it. -You're like, "I'm not breaking character." -I'm not breaking character. -"I know the rules. I know the rules. I'm not stopping." -I'm like -- I'm not breaking. -Oh, my God! -This is a test. -Yeah. -So, I'm driving. -Flames. -Smoke filling this cab. -No, no, no. -And finally Bradley Cooper turns to me and goes, "Is that normal?" [ Laughter ] And in my mind, I go, "Acting." God. [ Laughter ] -Incredible. -Incredible. -And I go, "This is what they like to call improv." -Wow. "Is that normal?" -"Is that --" Yeah, and I go -- Okay, so, I've learned in improv -- Again, number two, improv. Always say "yes." -Yes, yes. -'Cause you got to keep -- So we have two rules now in acting. -Alana, we're learning a lot from you tonight. -So much. You're welcome. -Yeah, yeah. Of course. Don't break and -- -Don't break and -- -Yes and. -Yes and. Of course. So he goes, "Is that normal?" And I go..."Yes." [ Laughter ] -That's your answer? -That's my answer. Because that's the rule. No, just "yes." -Yes. Okay. -And in my mind, I go -- -Nailed it. -Nailed it. [ Laughter ] -Nailed it! -Nailed it. Just like -- -"Is that normal?" "Yes." -And we drive for another minute and finally the take is over. And I just have been basking. I'm like, "Wow, God, Alana, you're in the movies now. Look at what you just did. That was incredible." And I go to turn to my fellow actors in the -- We call them actors. My fellow actors. -Of course, yes. -And I turn to them thinking, you know -- I'm gonna say, like, "Wow, guys, what a great time." And I turn, and they're gone. -They split. They're smart. -They're fully gone. -Yeah. -And then I hear, "Get out of the truck!" I leave. It ended up being something very innocent. It was totally fine. We were going to be totally fine. But I didn't break. -That's what I'm talking about. That's how you act. That's how you do it. [ Applause ] I want to show everyone a clip. Here's Alana Haim and her real life family in "Licorice Pizza." Take a look at this. -Why would you do that?! Why would you do that?! He was maybe gonna be my boyfriend! -Listen, young lady. You don't bring this idiot to Shabbat dinner here! -Listen, Dad, he's an atheist and an actor and he's famous! -But he's Jewish! -He was going to take me out of here. Este, don't you even look at me. Don't even look at me! You're always looking at me. What are you doing?! -I didn't even say anything. -What are you doing?! What are you thinking, huh?! "I'm Este. I work for Mom and Dad. I'm perfect. I'm a real-estate agent. Alana doesn't have her life together. Alana brings home stupid boyfriends all the time." -I mean... -I knew it. I knew that was what you were thinking. You're always thinking things, you thinker. You thinker! You think things! -You thinker! Alana Haim, everybody! [ Cheers and applause ] "Licorice Pizza" is in select theaters now and opens nationwide on Christmas Day. Happy, happy birthday, buddy. -Thank you.

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