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- So you wanna make a man chase you, do you? Stop responding to his texts? Post pictures of yourself with other men on social media, just deny him all of your attention. This is what so-called dating gurus will tell you if you wanna make a man chase you and worry about losing you. But here at Sexy Confidence we don't follow garbage nonsense advice like that that's all about manipulating men because we know that that will get you short term results. Here we focus on dating with authenticity because that is the only way to a healthy longterm relationship. So in this video I'm gonna be teaching you one simple strategy that is going to actually make a man chase you and worry about losing you, but doing it in a way that is still healthy and really productive for your love life. Keep watching. (slow music) Hey there, Adam LoDolce from sexyconfidence.com where I help you create your love story. And if you want more videos just like this, please give this video a like and don't forget to hit that bell so you don't miss any more videos that are coming out just like this. Now, the best way to go from being single to finding a longterm healthy relationship is to follow what I call the little love steps. And it walks you step by step to going from being single and alone all the way to find that relationship that completely fulfills you. And also if you wanna learn all the little love steps, make sure you head on over to sexyconfidence.com/steps. Now as you're following the little love steps, you are inevitably gonna get to little love step number four, which I call qualifying your dating options. And by this point in the little love steps you have built up your sexy confidence. You have an idea of where your love life is going to go. You've created a love life vision and then you've gone out and start to meet quality men. Now you're at the point where you're gonna really qualify which guys are actually right for you. And note that word qualify. When you are qualifying a person, you are deciding if they are right for you rather than you are trying to make a guy like you. And it's really only possible to get into this qualification mindset when you have other options. That's why the little love steps are so important to follow in order because if you're going out and meeting a lot of men, you are going to naturally have lots of options of guys you're talking to. And then once you have lots of guys who are talking to, you can go on these dates and be deciding which one is most in line with my love vision. Which guy do I really want to invest my time and my energy into? And more importantly, which guys do I want to disqualify from my love life? And here's the thing. When you go on dates with this qualification mindset, this idea where I'm kinda getting a feel if I should even spend any more time with you, when you have that mindset, men can naturally feel this energy coming from you and it's actually a positive energy. It basically means that you are not going to give him your heart, you're not gonna give him your all unless he puts energy into you unless he impresses you. Notice this puts you in the position of power and this puts him in the position of chasing you. Now the goal of little love step number four is all about having at least three guys that you're talking to at any given time. This doesn't mean that you're sleeping with three guys. This doesn't mean that you're certainly not committed to three guys. This just means that you have three guys that you're somewhat interested in and most likely there's one guy that you're really interested in. And when you're talking to three different guys at the same time, it gives you one very important power and that is walking power. If any guy pushes your boundaries or if you discover that any guy is not really in line with your love vision, he's not the type of person you wanna be with, you can suddenly walk away from that and move on to the other options that you have. Do you notice the power of qualifying all along the way? This is how to make men chase you. It's all about the mindset. There are no tricks or tips that you can do that will make men chase you. It has to be coming from a place of power and a place of being willing to walk away from a situation that doesn't really fit for you. And here's how you kick this into high gear with a little love steps. Once you get through little love step number four, you then move on to what little love step number five, which is pacing the progression of your connections. This is where you pace all of the connections you've made and move slower than all the guys wanna move. And there's a weird psychological effect that happens. And that is when you slow people down, especially in the early stages of dating, they naturally wanna speed things up. And this in turn will make him worry about losing you because he's going to wonder why you're moving so slow. And in many ways this will raise your value in his eyes. Listen to this story of one of our clients who use the pacing strategy to be able to attract a great guy. - He said, "Do you wanna go for a walk?" And this is before everything shut down. And so I was like, "Okay." So we went for a walk and then we've met like about five times and it's been really nice. I'm applying all the things you're saying to spread things out. 'Cause I saw him on Tuesday and then he wanted to hang out Friday and I was like, "No, let's do Sunday instead." Just to spread stuff out like you said. And then I don't initiate any conversation. He's the one that initiate everything. And then so I'm applying all of those things. So I found that's actually really helpful. - So if you're really ready to make men chase you so that you truly have all the options of the highest quality guys out there, what I recommend you do is go to sexyconfidence.com/steps this is where you can learn the little love steps so you can go from being single to an incredible relationship. And when you watch that training video all about the little love steps, you're gonna have an opportunity to apply to speak with myself or someone on my team about being a part of what I call The Love Accelerator. That is our coaching program that really walks you step by step through the little love steps. It shows you exactly how to go from feeling alone and feeling unsure of your love life, to then finally attracting the one, that man that you can spend the rest of your life with. I can't tell you how excited I am about The Love Accelerator and for those of you who are really ready to finally attract the man you truly deserve, I highly recommend it. And finally, if you're curious how the little love steps apply to your love situation, leave your question in the comments below. I'll be answering some of those questions in future videos. Thank you so much for watching. I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week. Bye bye.

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