5 Surprising Things Men Find Beautiful in a Woman

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- Now the cosmetic industry generates $49.2 billion per year, and the way that they do this is by convincing you that you're not beautiful without it. But as of right now, I want you to put that lipstick down you sexy, single lady, I'm gonna be talking about five surprising things that men find deeply beautiful woman, and these are all things you can do without putting on any makeup. Keep watching. (bright music) Hey, there, I'm LoDolce from lovestrategies.com where I help successful single women get out there and attract long lasting love, and do it with a proven strategy. And if you want these strategies to get out there and find love, make sure you head on over to whymenflake.com, I have a very special webinar where I'm going to help you dive into our brains, understand what it is that we really want so you can attract that man that you deeply desire. So make sure you head on over to whymenflake.com. Now let's talk about what exactly is beauty. Beauty is of course your appearance, your soul, your being, and just your vibe. And the vibe when you're around someone and you just find them to be very beautiful, or maybe you've been around people that you find them to be very not beautiful based on their vibe. But here are five things that are deeply beautiful in a woman, and guess what? These are all things within your control. The first thing is youthfulness. I know you think you say, "Adam, you just told me this is something that I can control, but youth, I can't control my age." Well notice I didn't say youth, I said youthfulness. And youthfulness is simply a mindset that you bring to the table. I have met some women who are 22 years old who are incredibly old souls and literally they have the mindset and they have the vibe of a 70 year old woman. And then I've met some 70 year old women who are so vibrant, are so youthful, who are so fun and playful and confident that they are just like a woman who's in their 20s. Youthfulness is a mindset, and if you can bring that youthfulness, that energy to the table, it is incredibly beautiful to a man. The second thing that men find beautiful in a woman is what I call comfortable beauty. Things like baseball caps, leggings, sweat pants, all those things that you might wear at home when you're just kinda hanging out, ask a guy, guys think that's incredibly beautiful in a woman. You don't need to look glamorous with all of your makeup, you don't need all of that in order to be beautiful to a man. In fact, men are usually drawn to women that they feel are approachable, that they can really connect with, and how many times have you been wearing that baseball cap, and you're kinda walking down the street with just kinda leggings, and you have a guy come up and approach you? It's because guys are attracted to that type of a look. Now don't get me wrong, I mean, do I love to see Jessica when she's all done up with that red lipstick and that beautiful skirt? Of course I do. But I also find her incredibly beautiful when she puts on that baseball cap, she puts on her leggings, she puts on that football jersey for football Sunday, and she just looks absolutely adorable. The third thing that men find absolutely beautiful in a woman is a playful personality. There's this misconception out there that men don't care about personality. And that is absolutely ridiculous. I used to coach men on how to go out and meet and flirt with women just like you, and I learned a lot about men during this time. And sure, there are some men who don't care about personality, but that's a very small percentage of guys who just wanna get out there and just hookup. Believe it or not, that's a very small percentage of guy. The vast majority of guys out there do care about personality, and they want a woman that has a lot of fun playful personality who can laugh, who can enjoy themselves, who can tease a guy, who can joke around, who can goof around, who can sometimes be awkward, who can be the lighthearted, all of these things are playful and it doesn't mean you need to be playful all the time but during those earlier stages of getting to know a guy make sure you bring it out that playful personality. You're going to find that men are just naturally magnetically drawn to it. The fourth thing that men find beautiful in a woman is authentic confidence. Now there's two types of confidence out there that women try to project. There is fake confidence, and then there is authentic confidence. Fake confidence is where you go around telling every single guy you don't need a man and you will be fine without them, all right? Now that may be true that you don't need a man, and maybe you don't need a relationship, that's cool, but you don't need to go out there projecting that to the world. Usually that type of confidence is fake and stemming from insecurities. Then there's the second type of confidence, which is authentic confidence. And that means that you, in the core of your being, know that you are worthy of an incredible relationship and an incredible man. This is deeply beautiful when a woman is authentically confident and she can walk into a room, own that room. That is very, very powerful, and men are incredibly drawn to it. But authentic confidence requires ongoing work, and self-care, and realization that you do deserve something incredibly great. It doesn't just come out of thin air. In fact, when I'm helping women get out there and find long lasting love, this is the first step that they need to take in order to attract love is to build that authentic confidence. And if you do want that help, make sure you head on over to whymenflake.com. I tell you exactly how we do all that stuff on that webinar. And the fifth surprising thing that men find beautiful in a woman is, believe it or not this is surprising, quirkiness. Most people when they're dating try to hide their awkwardness or their quirks when they are going out and meeting people. I instead, I want you to lean into that a little bit. If you have some quirks that make you a little bit different, a little bit offbeat than other people, lean into that. I don't want you to be like every other woman out there, I want you to be the type of woman when someone meets you for the first time, you are different. Sure, you might be a little bit quirky. I'm incredibly quirky if you meet me in real life, or you probably noticed in videos as well, and it can be actually a charming way to connect with people. Most people connect to other people when they are relatable. And if you're trying to be perfect, every single step of the way with every single thing that you say, everything you do, not only is that not achievable, so you're gonna come off as fake, but also it's not going to be relatable. I want you to be relatable and be able to connect with guys as well. If you look at anything on the planet that is beautiful, it has flaws. And in many ways, that is what is beautiful are things that are flawed. So don't feel like you need to always be perfect, lean into your quirks, lean into your flaws at times. And if you're awkward, so what, it's all good, own it. So to really reinforce this message, I want you to leave a comment right there below with one of your quirks, one of your imperfections, and realize that it's incredibly beautiful. Share it with this community. This is an incredibly positive community of like-minded women. Share your quirkiness, share your imperfections. What about you do you need to lean into a little bit more when you're meeting new guys? And of course, I wanna help you every single step of the way, feel free to head on over to whymenflake.com. And also if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like, don't forget to subscribe, and I will speak to you, you sexy single lady, next week, bye-bye.

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