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Ms. HOUSTON: When we got together, it was like magic. Ms. CAREY: Yeah. Ms. HOUSTON: We clicked, we talked, we laughed like old girlfriends. Ms. CAREY: We did. WINFREY: Really? Ms. HOUSTON: Really. Really. Ms. CAREY: What did we--I don't even remember what we were talking about, but everybody was just surprised. WINFREY: And how does that work, though? So you're in a studio--you're in a studio... Ms. CAREY: Yeah. WINFREY: ...and they start playing the music and are--are you on one side and she's on the other, you're both in the same studio? Wa--how does that work? Ms. HOUSTON: We--well, actually, at the time, she was just going through some vocal stuff, you know, like we go through sometimes, you know. We have.. WINFREY: Mm-hmm. What does that mean? Ms. HOUSTON: That means that our... Ms. CAREY: We need vocal rest. Ms. HOUSTON: ...cords are tired. WINFREY: Cords are tired. Ms. HOUSTON: Cords are tired. Cords are muscles and they bang and they work and they get tired and they need rest. Ms. CAREY: They get inflamed and... Ms. HOUSTON: Yes, they do. They get really large, you know, and... WINFREY: Do they get enlarged when you hit those notes like--that made the hair on our heads rise? Ms. HOUSTON: Well, you really want to know when they get enlarged? WINFREY: When? Ms. HOUSTON: The monthly. WINFREY: Really? So Luther doesn't have this problem? Ms. HOUSTON: No. No. Unfortunately, he doesn't. WINFREY: Really? Ms. HOUSTON: Yeah. They--they--it drops, like, an octave or two. Ms. CAREY: That is true. Ms. HOUSTON: Yes, it does, so... WINFREY: I never heard that before. Ms. HOUSTON: Opera singers will not sing around their--their monthly because of that reason. WINFREY: Because you can't hit the notes? Ms. HOUSTON: I'm serious. Ms. CAREY: I can't handle it. I'm sorry. Ms. HOUSTON: It's the truth. WINFREY: I never heard this in my life. Ms. HOUSTON: It's true. WINFREY: But it's really interesting. It's really interesting. Ms. HOUSTON: It's very true. You notice your voice will drop an octave or two. It's very true. Ms. CAREY: It is true. The swelling... Ms. HOUSTON: It's a hormonal thing. WINFREY: I hadn't noticed, but... Ms. HOUSTON: No. No. If you--if you talk to she and I in the morning, we sound like men. Ms. CAREY: Yeah, we do. Ms. HOUSTON: How you doing, Mariah? I'm OK, Whitney. Ms. CAREY: That is true. Ms. HOUSTON: Very funny. Very funny. Yeah. Ms. CAREY: Yes.

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