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-Oh, good. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. -Really? Come on. -This is amazing. -Oh, it is amazing. I'm so happy you're here! -I'm so happy to be here. -You came all the way from Madrid -Yeah. -to see us? -Yeah. -Thank you so much. -Why not? -Yeah. [ Laughter ] This is your first ever talk show, late night talk show appearance? -Yeah, yeah. [ Cheering and applause ] -I'm so honored. -Can you believe this, my first talk show here with Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Kidman, too, you know? [ Laughter ] -Yeah. It's just us talking. -Yeah. -Well, I have to talk about it. Congrats on the success -- "Money Heist." -Thank you. [ Cheering and applause ] It's been crazy. Thank you, guys. -When did you realize that it was just giant? -Well, I remember I was in Uruguay. I was with my parents-in-law and my boyfriend and we were celebrating the New Year's Eve. -Yeah. -And it was crazy because I went to this party and it was crowded and, all of a sudden -- People didn't recognize me there before, you know? -yeah, sure. -So, all of a sudden, everybody was coming up to me like -- "Tokio, Tokio, eres una diosa. Eres una --" [ Laughter ] And I was like -- -Wow! "Something changed." -"What's going on here? This is crazy." -"Something changed," yeah. -Yeah. And I remember I -- Because my brain wasn't able to understand what was going on, I remember I said to my boyfriend, "What a coincidence that all the people who watch 'Money Heist' are here in this party," you know? [ Laughter and applause ] -What are the odds? Everyone who watches the show are at this party. -Yeah, it's like, "This is crazy." I remember I had one million followers in Instagram. -Yeah. -And, the day after, I had two million and I was like, "Come on. This is not working. [ Laughter ] Anything is working. What's going on?" You know? It was crazy. Crazy. -"How is this possible?" Doubled from a million to two million. Who have you been most surprised to hear is a fan of yours? -Wow. I would say Madonna. -Oh! [ Audience oohs ] -Really?! Talk to me. -I know. [ Laughter ] -Yeah. "No big deal." -You know, celebrities... -Yeah, me and Madonna, yeah. -Celebrities, you know. -Celebrity, yeah. -How did you find out Madonna was a fan? -So, this is a great story. I was in L.A. and I was traveling to -- I was going back to Madrid and there was this layover in London. So, when I got on the plane, I went to the bathroom and, when I was going back to my seat, I saw Madonna. [ Laughter ] And it was like -- "What?! Is that Madonna?" -Yeah. -And I saw how Madonna turned back to me and she made this eye contact with me. [ Laughter ] And, all of a sudden, I saw how she came directly to me. -She did? -Keeping the eye contact, [ Laughter ] you know? And then, she came to my seat. Like I don't know how to do it because I'm wearing this dress, but... -Oh, sorry. [ Laughter ] -...she started putting on her shoes like this in my seat. [ Laughter ] Her sneakers, you know. -In your seat, on your lap? -In my seat. Then she was like, "Hey! Hi!" And I was like -- [ Mumbles ] [ Laughter ] -Yeah, you go, "Wait. What's going on?" -And she said, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of you. I love 'Money Heist' and Tokio is my favorite character. [ Cheering and applause ] -Are you kidding me? [ Rimshot ] Madonna says that to you? -Yeah. -That's a win. -Yeah, I know. -That's a win right there. -And I tried so hard to say something, but I couldn't. No. [ Laughter ] Not even a word. And I was like -- [ Sputtering ] [ Laughter ] -Nothing's coming out. -And she was like, "Are you okay? [ Laughter ] Are you okay?" -Yeah. And then she said, "Do you know who I am?" [ Laughter and applause ] -Oh, my God. What?! -No, that was embarrassing. And I was like, all of a sudden, I -- -Came out. -I could talk, you know? And I said, "Of course I know who you are. You're [bleep] Madonna." -Okay, alright. [ Laughter and applause ] Alright. Very loudly. Okay, alright, yes. -Know what I mean? -Yes, I do. -And then she was like, "Okay." She gave me her phone. -What? -And she said, "Write your phone. Give me your phone," and she left. So, all of a sudden, I was with Madonna's phone in my hand and she left. -This is Madonna's phone, You're entering your contact in Madonna's phone. -And then I left and I received this message from Madonna. -A text message from Madonna? -Yeah. And she said, "Darling, you forgot your passport in your seat. The stewardess has it." [ Laughter and ohs ] -So I could fly back home because of Madonna. Is that unbelievable? -See? That's exactly what she does. [ Cheering and applause ] That's a great story. -That's amazing. -We love you, Madonna. Of course, she does something cool like that. -She's amazing. -Get ready. You're going to love this show. -Thank you. -Here's Ursula Corberó in the final season of "Money Heist." Take a look. [ Laughs ] Yeah! Úrsula Corberó, everybody! [ Cheering and applause ] The final season of "Money Heist" is streaming now on Netflix.

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