7 Subtle Female Behaviors Men Find Annoying [HUGE TURN OFFS]

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- Now men and women are just wired differently. And there are just some things about us men that probably annoy the living (tone beeping) out of you. Maybe it's not changing the toilet paper roll, or maybe it's just being disgusting. (burps) I mean, we're not really that annoying are we? And then there are just some things that you sexy single ladies do that just annoy the living (tone beeping) out of us. Here's a list of seven subtle female behaviors that actually annoys on a very deep level and really turn us off. Keep watching. (upbeat music) Hey there, my name is Adam. LoDolce from lovestrategies.com, where we help women find love and do it with a proven strategy. And if you enjoy this video and you want more topics like this, and you want five years of good luck in your love life, please give this video a like, give it a heart wherever it is that you're watching and don't forget to subscribe because we have a lot of great content coming for you this upcoming year. You're not going to want to miss it. So let's jump into some of these behaviors. Shall we? Number one is the silent treatment. Hey, so is everything okay? Okay. Because we know that you might be silent on the outside, but on the inside, it's kind of like this. - [Woman] I hate you so much you (long beeping) - So if you're going to be mad at us, please just tell us so that we can at least defend ourselves against your psychotic internal dialogue. We know that you're screaming at us up here and the silence is truly deafening. Number two, constantly chewing gum. Not only is chewing gum, incredibly not sexy, but if you go on a date with a guy and it's the end of the night, you're about to have this incredible romantic kiss between the two of you. You got it back. Nope. Hold on one second, blah blah blah blah. Nah, not working. And as a fun fact, in case you didn't know this, gum will actually make you a little bit bloated. One of the top gastroenterologists in the world says that if you chew a lot of gum, it actually puts a lot of air into your belly and thus makes you bloated. We don't want that when we're dating, right? Number three, asking our opinion about how you look before you go on a date. This just never goes well. If we say that you look good, then you're gonna wonder why it is that we didn't say that you look great. And then if we say that you look great. You're not actually going to believe us. And then God forbid, we say that you look, nah. It's (tone beeping) world war three. Don't ask our opinion unless you really want it. Number four, being unnecessarily judgmental. Now what I'm about to say is an absolute fact, but it's not based on science. It's just based on my experience on this world. But here it is, women are more judgmental than men. There, I said it. All the way from middle school, all the way through to adulthood until you're in your 80s and 90s, women tend to gossip more and judge other people way more than men do. And when you're going around talking smack about other people, especially to your guy, the first thing he's gonna be thinking to himself is what is she saying about me when I'm not around. Number five, self deprecating humor. Now, sadly in Western civilizations, there's a pretty pronounced self-esteem gap between the two different genders. In a sense, women tend to have lower self esteem than men. And this is a very sad reality that we all need to come to terms with. And a lot of women tend to take this low self esteem and turn it into a joke and make fun of themselves in order to make a guy laugh. But when at the end of the day, they are just projecting their low self esteem. Now look, self deprecating humor can be funny at times, but use it very sparingly because it's just screams low self esteem to everyone around you. Number six, over communicating in relationships. Now look, the old adage is true. Communication is absolutely critical when you're in a relationship and there are some women out there who have a tendency to over communicate every single thing that's on their mind. And this is because men and women's brain are actually wired differently. It is a scientific fact that you women recall emotional memories with much more clarity and much more consistently. So essentially you remember everything that we do, the good and the bad, and you have a tendency to want to communicate every little negative thing that we do in our life. Maybe you should try picking your battles a little bit. And finally, number seven is being overly critical of your body. Look, here's a PSA to all of you sexy single ladies out there. If we are with you, we are with you because we find you absolutely beautiful, every part of your body, your imperfections or not. And every time you look at your body and you comment on parts of it that you don't like, it's a turn off and it's annoying to us because we see you very differently. We see you as very beautiful. So if you could just stop with that type of lens, that type of thinking and start looking at yourself in the mirror and just go, "Damn, I'm looking pretty good." Learn to love those sexy imperfections because you know what we all got imperfections. That's for sure. So now let me flip the script on all of you. What are things about us guys that you find really annoying? Leave a comment right there below. And also if you enjoyed this video and you're looking for more resources to help you through every single stage of finding love and attracting the right man and keeping the man in your life then makes sure you head on over to lovestrategies.com, where you can apply to speak with someone on my team and we'll be able to help you with your love life. Thank you so much for watching. And I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week. Bye bye.

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