Adam Levine 'Doesn't Support' Blake & Gwen's Marriage

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You can hear them. You can hear them. I can. Actually, I can feel them. Hi, that's the most important thing. You can feel them. You can see the smiles. They're paying attention because they respond and stuff. They're not just photographs. You're 3D to me. Yeah. Oh, they can laugh too. You are here because you're my friend and we're celebrating our 3,000th show. And you were here the very first season. It was your daytime television debut. What do you remember about being here? I really honestly could never forget anything like that because it's such a wild experience to be on a TV show. And it's still-- and now we're friends and so much has happened. But it's just so crazy to think. Yeah, I remember I was going to say I always had that BMW shirt and that leather jacket. My whole outfit I think probably cost about $8, got it at a vintage-- or not even vintage clothing store, like secondhand clothing store and I was so pumped. And I think I probably wore that outfit-- I'm actually just shocked I didn't offend you with my smell because I wore those clothes a lot. No, you did not offend me. And the next time you were here, I admired your sweater, and then you gave it to me. I know, I did give you-- I still have it. I gave you a lot of my clothing for some reason. Yeah, every time I compliment you, you were the guy that gives you the shirt off your back. Yeah, oh, literally. Yeah, you have been home a lot because everybody has been home a lot. And I know what a family man you are. You love your girls. They must have loved having you home. They did. It's so funny because there's so little. It's almost like they didn't know much else in their tiny amount of life they've lived. So as far as they're concerned, we just love to stay home with them. I feel like years from now when we look back on this time, it will probably wind up being, because obviously, we all know what the bad is, but the good is that you get to see them grow up in real time and that you never necessarily get to see it in the same way again because you're there for all of it. But you love-- I know how much time you spend with them except for when-- I prefer them. I love them. They're so fun. They are fun. Most of the time. Yes, well, they're children so they're not supposed to be fun all the time. Sometimes they're annoying because I do kids things. The only time you're not with them is when you're away for weeks at a time getting a tattoo. Yes. The tattoo you just got, how long did this-- let's show the tattoo. It's your entire leg. And how long did this take? It took a very long time. It took like three different sessions. Yeah, there it is. That was when it was brand new so it was even darker than it is now. And I would take my pants off and show everybody. But I don't think that's allowed. No, on the 3,000th show that is actually allowed. 3,000th show, boom, shirt for you. I'll be naked. No, it sucked. It sucks. It hurts. To get a tattoo is not fun. But it turned out great and I get to have it forever and it never has to hurt again. Yeah, that's like having a child. It's kind of. Yeah, except the tattoo. I don't understand it and you have many. So is it just one leg that you got done? For now. You're going to get your second leg done. Well, now, the other leg looks lonely and sad. Yeah. I need to go-- Do you have to wax before you tattoo a leg? I did wax my leg for the tattoo. I had never done that before. That also sucks. Yes. The one thing I'll say, which will probably make you roll your eyes, but when the pain is really bad and you can't help it because it's not not going to happen, because you can't move because then it'll screw the tattoo up, right? You can't flinch and freak out because then the needle will screw it up. You kind of have to go somewhere else. It's kind of a weird meditation and you can make some of the pain go away, some. But then it comes back and it sucks. Yeah, anyway, that's enough time talking about that because that was going somewhere else already. So Blake and Gwen are getting married and they're planning a wedding. I think I'm the maid of honor, she said that I could be. She hasn't called me. She said it on the show, but I'm sure she meant it. What are you going to do? Are you going to sing at the wedding? I don't support their marriage. [LAUGHTER] You're going to be standing up, I am the one. I am the guy. Does anybody object? She's so cool and he's not. He's not cool but he's very funny and very smart. He is vaguely charming. I miss this. I missed making so much fun of him. Yeah, well, you'll go to the wedding and do it. I'll go to the wedding and I'll object. Yeah, I will probably not be invited now, but I'm saying this on live television. But I'll be there somehow. I'll be your date. Let's go together. Let's go. Let's just crash. Yeah, I have to show this. No, I want to show the video because I was in your video. It just hit 3 billion views probably because of me, Girls Like You. I think it is because of you actually. So how weird you're on my 3,000th show, you just hit 3 billion views of a video I was in. All right, so I was in it just for a minute. I was one of many girls, women that you asked, but I was actually featured. I have the actual cut of what the video was supposed to be. But I'll show you what I was in and then I'll show you what was supposed to happen. Let's see. [MUSIC - MAROON 5 FT. CARDI B, "GIRLS LIKE YOU"] (SINGING) I need a girl like you yeah Maybe it's 6:45 Maybe I'm barely alive Maybe you've taken my [MUTED] for the last time yeah Maybe I know that I'm drunk Maybe I know you're the one Maybe I'm thinking it is better if you drive Oh, cause girls like you run around with guys like me till sun down When I come through I need a girl like you yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I need a girl like you yeah, yeah I need a girl like you yeah [APPLAUSE] I think it's an improvement.

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